Le champ radis

Arrival and departure

• We appreciate the day of your arrival You arrive between 4.30 and  7PM and not earlier, because we need time to clean the chalets for the next guests. If you should arrive earlier or later due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform us by phone.
• On the day of your departure, we thank you for leaving between 8:30 and 10 AM.
• In case you have to leave earlier, for whatever reason, you will not be reimbursed for your accommodation costs.
• In case you bring guests who have not made a reservation they will not be accepted. This should be discussed before your arrival.

The cottage

• On your arrival, you will be welcomed by the hostess who will guide you to the chalet and explain the necessary .
• The operation of kitchen appliances will be briefly explained and demonstrated.
• Together we’ll inspect the chalet for it’s cleanliness and check the inventory. If you have a question or have a special wish, we will be happy to accommodate you if possible.
• We’ll be happy to receive the deposit of 150 euros in exchange for the key, after showing you around and made acquaintance.
• At your disposal in your chalet there are numerous information brochures with activities in and around the region.

Household waste: Selective sorting – How to properly sort?

The objective of the ‘Syndicat Mixte Région de Corbigny’ is to make residents of its municipalities aware of sorting. Failure to comply with this sorting rules leads to a refusal to collect the waste bags and / or the biowaste bin.
• Waste intended for bags cannot be deposited anywhere.
In each chalet there are clear guidelines with drawings whitch waste should go where. We list the most important ones below:
• All the glass and all the cardboard can be deposited in the municipal containers located at the end of the street, before the crossroads on your right if you are driving towards Corbigny.
• In the yellow bag only: all beverage cartons, all beverage cans, all PET bottles, all cans and cleaning product packaging.
When the bag is full, close it and place it in the container provided on the park located at the woodstack.
• In the pink bag, you can deposit all household waste that is not allowed in the yellow bag. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ORGANIC WASTE IN THESE BAGS ALLOWED!
When the bag is full, close it and place it in the container provided on the park located at the woodstack.
• For all bio waste, a brown bio waste container is available on each terrace. It is best not to put this container in the sun and always keep it closed. When full, it can be emptied into the large brown bio-waste container by the woodstack. (Due to the good weather and the delicious snacks for some winged animals, there may be some life in this container … 🙂

• Duvets and pillows are provided, duvet covers and pillowcases not. However, it is possible to rent them for 7.5 € per person during your stay.
• Towels and kitchen linen are not provided in the chalet. This must be provided by the guests. We provide two rolls of toilet paper.
• On request, you can get a cot and / or a high chair for € 5. (limited stock!)
• Are you coming with young children? We are happy to prepare toys and booklets for them. This is why we ask their ages.
• There is parking for two cars at each chalet. Please avoid driving on the grass as much as possible.
• It is strictly forbidden to fry or use a gourmet appliance in the chalet. (There is an electricity meter in each chalet, and an abnormally high consumption will be charged extra!)
• Smoking is strictly prohibited in the chalet!
• The use of the barbecue is only allowed in the grass.
• The rental price includes water, electricity, gas and heating!
Unless abnormal power use has been observed. (Modern technology ensures that the electrical consumption of each house is monitored individually, especially for fire safety!
• In the event of severe to very severe frost, heating costs an additional € 10 per day.
• Please do not lean on the electric heater and make sure that children do not climb on it.
• Laundry can be done and costs € 4.50 (detergent included) and is done in the common washing machine at the workshop.
• Tourist tax: € 0.65 per person per day from 12 years old.
For the dog, we ask an additional 25 € per dog / week.
• Final cleaning is compulsory at 55 euros.

The terrain

• The terrain surrounding your chalet, the playground with swings and swimming pool are at your disposal. The area around the private house and between the private house and the restaurant is private. Please respect this.
• Swings and trampoline are always available for the little ones. The maximum number of children on the trampoline is limited to a maximum of 3 and the age to 12 years. Please do not make any noise here from 9 p.m. onwards
We are not responsible for accidents and / or injuries.
• Please do not enter the horse pasture. The big horse QUANNON can sometimes be unpredictable, and not to feed them.
• Our black cat sometimes likes to enter your cottage when it’s open. If you don’t like this, just lead here back outside …

The swimming pool

• The swimming pool is only accessible to our tenants between 12 noon and 9 pm.
• Children must always be accompanied or supervised by an adult.
• Access to the swimming pool is strictly authorized via the port provided.
• It is strictly prohibbited, at the risk of a serious accident or injury, to enter the pool by another route, to climb or walk around on the edges, to stand on the pipes or to climb or stand on the technical cabinet.
• We are not responsible for accidents and / or injuries.
• Any damage caused by inappropriate behavior will be settled in the deposit.

Pets, only for cottage 4

• Dogs are certainly welcome, so we have preserved a fenced piece of garden if necessary … Pleas do not allow your dogs on the beds for hygienic reasons and also make sure they don’t scratch or lie on the living room seat …. if you want them to lie on the living room seat please do so on a thick plaid.
• All dogs must be kept on a leash on the entire property. If you want to let your dog or dogs out you can do so in the large forest just next to our domain, or you can take the road to the canal and walk along it or walk to the river Yonne where your pet can play in the water ….
Our guests with dogs told us that it was very nice to walk with the dogs here…

If you leave your cottage to return home, we ask you to leave is behind as you had it.
So please:
• Do the dishes and put everything in it’s place.
• Empty the fridge and freezer compartments.
• Clean the stove and counter.
• Clean the microwave oven.
• Keep the toilet and shower clean.
• Check that all the cupboards in your cottage are empty.
• Turn off all heaters.
• If this is insufficient, this will be deducted from the deposit.
• Toghether, we check if the inventory is complete and undamaged, the cottage is left in good order, no household waste is left and there are no more dishes.
• In case of damage or shortage of content or damage to the chalet, this will also be settled in the deposit and all additional costs will be charged to the tenant.

• When confirming your reservation, we ask for an advance of 25% on the net rental price.
• The remaining amount of the total rent and the deposit must be paid after arrival.
• The deposit per chalet is 150 euros, this must be paid in cash.
• We do not rent chalets to unaccompanied young people under the age of 18.
• In the event of cancellation, the following deductions apply:
If you cancel between 12 and 8 weeks before the start of the rental period, 25% of the (basic) rent will be charged.
In case of cancellation between 8 and 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, 50% of the (basic) rent will be charged.
If canceled between 4 and 1 week before the start of the rental period, 75% of the (basic) rent will be charged.
If canceled up to one week or less than a week before the start of the rental period, the (basic) rent will be charged.
• Cancellation insurance: We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance so that if your trip is canceled, they can reimburse you or help you.
• Each tenant is required to respect the guidelines of our place.
We wish you a pleasant stay in our vacation spot